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Heidi HayesChief Executive Officer

Heidi Hayes, MA

Heidi Hayes received her undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Michigan and her Masters of Arts degree from the University of Texas. She served as an animal husbandry specialist in the United States Peace Corps in Ecuador. After returning stateside, she began her career as the Director of Development and Marketing for a national not-for-profit. She diversified her knowledge level by accepting Executive positions in both small and large healthcare operations. Heidi has more than 25 years of healthcare experience, having worked as an Executive in the fields of pain management, physical therapy, dialysis and reproductive endocrinology. She serves on the board of CapEX MD, a financing company and Tinina Q. Cade Foundation, a national not-for-profit which provides financial support and education to individuals with infertility. In 2010, Heidi left her position as Executive Director of Shady Grove Fertility Reproductive Science Center and IntegraMed America to launch Donor Egg Bank USA with Michael Levy, MD.  Donor Egg Bank USA was the first egg bank to ship vitrified eggs from program to program successfully in the United States and boasts more than 120 partners over two continents.  As a result of Donor Egg Bank USA's successful sale to California Cryobank, Heidi was featured in the March 2017 issue of Inc Magazine for having harnessed new technology in the creation of a successful start up.  She continues to run the Egg Bank Division of California Cryobank and not only knows the business of assisted reproductive therapies, she has personally experienced it. Heidi and her husband are the parents of three children and have built their family through adoption and donor egg treatment.

Michael J. Levy, MD, FACOGPresident

Michael J. Levy, MD, FACOG

Dr. Michael Levy is a board certified OB/GYN and Reproductive Endocrinologist. He received his medical degree from the University of Cape Town Medical School in South Africa. Dr. Levy completed his residency in obstetrics and gynecology and a two-year fellowship in reproductive endocrinology at George Washington University. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor at Georgetown University School of Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. Dr. Levy is a founding partner of Shady Grove Fertility Reproductive Science Center and has been an innovative leader by introducing shared risk programs, split donor cycle programs and now an egg bank cooperative concept to the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) field.  Michael's vision for an Egg Bank resulted in the successful partnership with Heidi Hayes to form Donor Egg Bank USA.  Michael serves on the Board of California Cryobank and remains an active support of the donor egg bank team.

Michael J. Tucker, PhDScientific Director

Michael J. Tucker, PhD

Dr. Michael Tucker has received global recognition for his pioneering work in the IVF technologies that have helped revolutionize the treatment of infertility. He received his undergraduate degree in zoology and physiology from the University of London and his doctorate in reproductive physiology from the University of Birmingham in the UK. In 1992, he helped to advance the ICSI technique and was responsible for the first ΓÇ£ICSI babyΓÇ¥ born in the US. In 1997, he led the team that was successful in achieving the first pregnancy and birth using cryopreserved eggs. Prior to joining Shady Grove Fertiltiy Center as the Director of Andrology and IVF Laboratories in 1997, Dr. Tucker spent nine years establishing a track record of exceptional pregnancy rates for IVF and other assisted technologies as the scientific director for a leading fertility program in Atlanta. Dr. Tucker has worked in the field of reproductive medicine/embryology for over 26 years.

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