Clinics: Welcome to Our Family

Founded in 2011, as a collaboration of premiere fertility practices wishing to share donor egg resources, Donor Egg Bank USA became the first company to successfully ship vitrified donor eggs.

Donor Egg Bank USA was acquired by California Cryobank in 2016, allowing high quality oocytes to be shipped to most clinics in the United States, Canada and internationally.  Offering a variety of innovative financial packages, including the 100% money back Assured Refund program, we consistently maintain the highest success rates within the frozen donor egg industry.

Working with us is free and non-exclusive, consisting of a short agreement and a discussion regarding lab familiarity with vitrification warming.  On-site laboratory training is offered at no cost, but not normally required for experienced clinics. Simply complete the contact form and we will be happy to begin the process of bringing you into the family.

Benefits of Working with Us

  • Increase the size of your donor program. We offer 275+ highly qualified donors with immediate frozen donor egg availability.
  • Offer your patient’s affordable eggs with high success rates. We are one of the least expensive egg banks in the USA.
  • Provide your patients peace of mind with our robust blastocyst guarantee.
  • Receive free on-site training in vitrification oocyte warming.
  • Benefit from a full service egg bank.  We assist your patients with donor egg selection and financing.  For your lab, we arrange shipping, media kit and practice eggs as need.
  • Reduce the cost of frozen eggs with our innovative bundled Single Cycle and 100% money back Assured Refund plans.
  • Raise the bar through network events designed to bring together the best and the brightest REI’s and Embryologist to share the latest advancements in oocyte vitrification.
With over 5,800 egg warmings, we work hand in hand to help your patients become parents.

Want to join our family of premiere fertility practices? 

Call us at 240-778-6210 or contact us for more details.

Welcome Partner Clinics

Why Donor Egg Bank USA

Unprecedented Experience

We have a reputation you can trust with 40 years of gamete banking experience.  Through our merger with California Cryobank, we are the world’s leading pioneer in Sperm and Egg Freezing.


We make it simple, hand hold your patient and do the logistics work, so you can focus on reproductive medicine.

Honesty and Integrity

We freely share our data, both numerators and denominators.  You can trust that we provide all of the data from every fertility practice with whom we work, including yours.  We also review each case independently, knowing that our services impact real people with hopes and dreams.

Solid Success You Can Count On

  • 58% Clinical Pregnancy Rate per Transfer
  • 53% Clinical Pregnancy Rate per Warming
  • 62% Excess Cryopreservation Rate
  • 70% Euploid rate when PGS performed

*2017 Data based on all reported outcomes. N= 1,254 warmings