Assured Refund Plan

The Assured Refund Plan™ provides a 100% refund if you do not deliver a live born baby within 6 donor egg IVF cycles. There is no obligation to complete all 6 cycles and at any time you may choose to end treatment and still receive an 50% refund.

For a complete list of locations that participate with the Assured Refund Plan™, please click here. Should you not see your location listed, please have your physician contact us.

Why Choose the Assured Refund Plan?

The Assured Refund Plan provides excellent financial protection if you do not have a successful delivery. If a baby is delivered on the first cycle, you will have paid approximately twice the amount that a Single Cycle Plan would have cost. If a successful pregnancy occurs on the second cycle, the costs are nearly equal to the Single Cycle Plan. For clients who require 3 cycles of treatment or more, the Assured Refund Plan will be less expensive than if they had paid for each cycle individually. Choosing the Assured Refund Plan gives you the peace of mind that should you not have a baby to love and hold, you will receive a 100% refund.

“Over 96% of our clients qualify for the Assured Refund Plan and we estimate that 90% who do not withdraw on their own accord will become parents.”

The Assured Refund Plan offers up to 6 frozen donor egg bank treatment cycles and unlimited frozen embryo transfer cycles. If you have cryo-preserved embryos, you will be required to use the frozen embryos before moving on to another treatment cycle. The cost to freeze leftover embryos is included and not an additional charge to you, and the frozen embryo cycle will not count as one of the 6 attempts. Each cycle is subject to a cycle review and on-going participation is not guaranteed. Not everyone will receive or need 6 cycles of treatment. If during your treatment Donor Egg Bank USA deems you ineligible to continue, we will issue you a 100% refund of the plan fee. If you choose to stop treatment on your own accord, we will issue you an 50% refund.

Our Assured Refund Plan is unlike other Egg Bank programs, which may only give you a portion of your money back if you are unsuccessful.  The Plan has no gimmicks and once the fee is paid, there are no surprise fees along the way.  Once you make payment, you can focus on treatment, knowing that you are financially secure.  For those patients who have used all 6 cycles, the Assured Refund Plan was a value unlike any other plan in the country. We know that your dream of having a baby isn’t complete until your baby is tucked safely in your waiting arms. If you do not realize your dream, we have not met our commitment to you.

Plan Eligibility Review

The Assured Refund Plan requires a medical review to determine your eligibility. Approximately, 96% of patients will qualify.  Upon the completion of any pre-cycle testing, only applicable  records will be reviewed to confirm you are a good candidate for this plan. There is no financial obligation until you are approved for the plan.

Embryo Cryopreservation

Embryo cryopreservation is only included in the Assured Refund Plan, not in the Single Egg Lot Plan or Single Cycle Plans. Individuals who elect to participate in the Assured Refund Plan are required to utilize any cryo-preserved embryos before beginning another egg bank cycle.

Assured Refund Plan™
Donor Medication Included
Donor Prescreening Included
Donor Fee Included
DEB USA Fee Included
Tank Rental Included
Newborn Stem Cell Banking with CBR Included
Egg Thaw, Fertilization and Embryo Transfer Included
Recipient Monitoring (Uterine lining check) Included
Cryopreservation and Storage Included
FET of extra cryo preserved embryos Included
Plan Cost Contact Us
Packing, Shipping and Handling Included
Amount refunded if you do not bring home a live born baby 100% Refund
Amount refunded if you choose to terminate the contract 50% Refund

"Contingent" Approvals

Clients who meet the requirements of the Assured Refund Plan™ but have not had a mock or pilot cycle may be accepted on a contingent basis. With this special approval, there is the requirement of an acceptable uterine lining during the actual cycle attempt. Please contact our Assured Refund Coordinator at (240) 778-6210 for more information.


Clients who intend to select embryos for family balancing, and/or not thaw all of the eggs in a cycle would not be acceptable candidates for this program. Please contact us at (240) 778-6210 for more information.