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The latest milestone signifies the advancement of egg vitrification technology in the fertility field. Donor Egg Bank USA, part of the Generate Life Sciences (Generate) family of brands and the largest frozen egg bank in North America, today announced 8,000 sets of eggs (6-8 eggs per set on average) warmed for recipient IVF cycles.

(Los Angeles, CA on 11 Mar 2020)

California Cryobank and Cord Blood Registry to be Combined by GI Partners to Create a Leading Life Sciences Platform

California Cryobank, the world's leading donor sperm and donor egg bank, announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement for GI Partners, a private equity investment firm, to acquire the company from leading healthcare investors Longitude Capital and NovaQuest Capital.

(Los Angeles, CA on 15 Jun 2018)

California Cryobank's Donor Egg Bank Announces New Guarantee

Donor Egg Bank, a California Cryobank Company announces a new embryo guarantee to ensure clients a quality blastocyst and provide families their best chance of success in bringing home a baby.

(Rockville, MD on 04 Apr 2018)

California Cryobank's Biorepository Safeguards Valuable Reproductive Tissue

California Cryobank's state-of-the-art biorepository is designed to provide the highest standard of protection for priceless sperm, eggs and embryos.

(Los Angeles on 19 Mar 2018)

Donor Egg Bank USA Helping Canadian Families Grow

By providing frozen donor eggs from the United States, Donor Egg Bank, a California Company is helping more and more Canadian women and men achieve the families of their dreams.

(Rockville, MD on 14 Mar 2018)

California Cryobank Offers World's Largest Sperm/Egg Donor Catalog

California Cryobank, the domestic leader in the frozen sperm/egg donor industry, now offers the largest selection of donors anywhere in the world.

(Los Angeles on 21 Feb 2018)

Donor Egg Bank Provides Free Cord Blood Processing

The World's Largest Frozen Egg Bank Offers a Lifetime of Security

(Rockville, MD on 01 Aug 2017)

Egg Donor Moms Come Out of the "Closet"

Julie DiBiase, single mother of two, discusses her experience with donor egg and sperm and gives advice to women considering this alternative form of IVF treatment. Co-founder of Donor Egg Bank USA, Heidi Hayes, discusses the future of egg donation.

(Rockville, MD on 10 Apr 2017)

10 Myths About Pregnancy in Your 40s

In honor of National Infertility Awareness Week on April 20-26, Heidi Hayes of Donor Egg Bank USA shares her personal journey with infertility and debunks myths about pursuing later motherhood.

(Rockville, MD on 10 Feb 2017)

California Cryobank Announces Acquisition of Donor Egg Bank USA

California Cryobank announces the acquisition of Donor Egg Bank USA, making this combined entity the largest frozen donor sperm and egg bank in the world.

(Los Angeles, CA and Rockville, MD on 13 Dec 2016)

Frozen Egg Bank Network Launches New Clinic Quality Control Concept

"There are many doctors who will offer to freeze a woman's eggs, but very few have made babies from them," explains CEO Heidi Hayes. "At the Frozen Egg Bank Network, we only work with elite clinics that have significant experience freezing and thawing eggs."

(Rockville, MD on 14 Jun 2016)

Donor Egg Bank USA Launches Frozen Egg Bank Network to Address Quality Gap in Egg Freezing

Donor Egg Bank USA recognizes a quality void in the marketplace and fulfills a social obligation to guide women to top quality egg freezing fertility practices...

(Rockville, MD on 13 Apr 2016)

Donor Egg Bank USA Surpasses Industry Standards

Donor Egg Bank USA is proud to announce that they continue to exceed the standards for frozen egg donation as outlined by the independent non-profit organization Parents Via Egg Donation.

(Rockville, MD on 15 Jun 2015)

Donor Egg Bank USA Presents Awards for Partner Practice Excellence

Donor Egg Bank USA, the largest frozen donor egg bank in the United States, presented 12 awards of excellence for individual and practice achievement at its annual network event.

(Rockville, MD on 18 Oct 2014)

Largest U.S. Frozen Donor Egg Bank Hits 1,000 Embryo Transfer Milestone

Donor Egg Bank USA expands to work with 150 top reproductive endocrinologists at 95 locations in an effort to help couples become parents.

(Rockville, MD on 14 Aug 2014)

A Family for the Holidays: Woman Becomes Mother Through Frozen Donor Egg

Holly Dickey enjoys first holiday season with her daughter after a long journey through infertility and successful pregnancy with Donor Egg Bank USA and Boston IVF.

(Rockville, MD on 23 Dec 2013)

Reports Show Donor Egg Usage Increasing Nationally

Reflecting the growing trend of donor egg as a fertility treatment option, Donor Egg Bank USA announces the company milestone of more than 500 embryo transfers completed.

(Rockville, MD on 13 Nov 2013)

New Cutting-Edge Fertility Treatment Option Available in Arizona

Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists forms exclusive regional partnership with Donor Egg Bank USA, offering patients frozen donor eggs as a faster, more affordable approach to fertility treatment.

(Phoenix, AZ on 15 Nov 2012)

New Cutting-Edge Fertility Treatment Option Available in Texas

RMA of Texas forms partnership with Donor Egg Bank USA, offering patients frozen donor eggs as a faster, more affordable approach to fertility treatment.

(San Antonio, TX on 10 Sep 2012)

New Fertility Treatment Option Available to Couples in Florida

IVF Florida Reproductive Associates forms exclusive partnership with Donor Egg Bank USA, offering patients frozen donor eggs as a faster, more affordable approach to treatment.

(Miami, FL on 22 Aug 2012)

New Fertility Treatment Option Available to Couples in Boston

Boston IVF forms exclusive partnership with Donor Egg Bank USA, offering patients frozen donor eggs as a faster, more affordable approach to treatment.

(Boston, MA on 15 Aug 2012)

Local Innovative Frozen Egg Bank Offers More Affordable and Efficient Fertility Treatment

Donor Egg Bank USA Now Available to Families in Southern California.

(Los Angeles, CA on 23 Jul 2012)

Donor Egg Usage Doubles As More Couples Build Families with Donor Eggs

Families can be built in many ways, and these days, more families are relying on donor eggs to have children...

(Rockville, MD on 11 Jul 2012)

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