Donor Egg Bank USA Helping Canadian Families Grow

Rockville, MD on 14 Mar 2018

Don't let the name fool you – Donor Egg Bank USA, a California Cryobank Company (, is playing an increasingly vital role in the lives of many Canadians experiencing female-related infertility issues. By providing frozen donor eggs from the US, DEB is helping more and more Canadian women and men to achieve the families of their dreams.

As a result, frozen donor egg use in Canada has steadily increased since 2013, despite regulatory restrictions that have made it difficult to find local donors. A recent report compiled by the Canadian Assisted Reproductive Technologies Register showed a 10% increase in frozen donor egg cycles from 2015-2016.

"We are receiving more and more inquiries from Canada every day," says DEB's Heidi Hayes. "As one of the pioneer egg banks to ship to Canada, we have worked diligently to meet all Health Canada requirements and are happy to be able to service our northern neighbors."

Donor Egg Bank USA's frozen donor eggs offer a range of advantages over other options – starting with access to a wider and more diverse pool of donors. Clients can search through an extensive database to find a donor meeting even the most discerning of criteria. Donors who apply undergo a rigorous qualification process, including psychological assessment, medical exams, infectious disease screening, and testing for more than 150 genetic conditions.

The prepared eggs are shipped directly to the recipient's clinic, significantly reducing the amount of time, money, and inconvenience involved in traveling for a fresh egg cycle. There's also no risk of donor-specific delays or cancellations due to work commitments, hesitations, or changes in circumstance, giving the recipient greater control over the process.

Advances in freezing technologies have raised success rates of frozen donor eggs to equal or exceed those of fresh. In 2016, 20% more clinical pregnancies resulted from frozen donor egg IVF (43%) than fresh donor egg IVF (23%).

As the number one egg bank among physicians in the States, DEB will continue to play an important role in providing the most convenient, hassle-free, and affordable route for Canadians as well.

Donor Egg Bank USA, a California Cryobank Company has shipped over 5,000 sets of eggs with a 2017 clinical pregnancy rate of 58% per transfer.  DEB is the only frozen donor egg program to offer the 100% Assured Refund Plan in the event a baby isn't delivered.


SOURCE Donor Egg Bank USA, a California Cryobank Company

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