Single Cycle Plan

The Single Cycle Plan is a one-time attempt in which all services are packaged into one payment. The egg lot costs and physician services are reduced in this inclusive plan, making the bundled package more affordable. Not only is our egg lot guarantee in place for this plan, but there is also a guarantee for the cycle services provided by your fertility practice.

Like the Assured Refund Plan, we only offer this plan at fertility practices with whom we have a track record of successful egg thaws. In this plan, we pay your fertility practice for services rendered after you have had a transfer. In the case of a single egg lot plan, you may be responsible for services to your fertility practice even if there is no embryo for transfer. Additional egg lots can be acquired for immediate use. Please contact us to check the donor’s egg lot availability.

Egg Lot Guarantee

As the nation's premier egg bank, we offer a blastocyst guarantee. 

Human biology can be unpredictable and we offer this guarantee because we are confident in the quality of the donor eggs we provide. 

We know that egg survival is not the best indicator of egg quality and therefore we take the additional step of guaranteeing a usable quality blastocyst. We guarantee at least one or more blastocyst will be available for transfer, freezing, or biopsy. At this time, we do not guarantee euploid embryos. If a blastocyst is not available and a transfer occurs, our obligation has been fulfilled and we will not provide a replacement. To have the guarantee in place, a total motile count of 1 million sperm will be available the day of egg thaw. For surgically obtained sperm cases, please contact us in advance for pre-approval.

In 68% of egg thaws, sufficient embryos have been available for both a transfer and additional embryos frozen.  In the unlikely event, that a blastocyst is not available, then we will provide a new egg lot in accordance with your chosen financial plan. For clients in our Assured Refund Plan, the cycle will not count as one of the 6 attempts.

This guarantee is designed to give you peace of mind and provide confidence in your investment.

Embryo Cryopreservation

Embryo cryopreservation expenses vary and we encourage you to request information from your fertility center regarding both the cost of cryopreservation and subsequent storage fees. Embryo cryopreservation is not included within the Single Cycle Plan.

Single Cycle Plan
Donor Medication Included
Donor Prescreening Included
Donor Fee Included
DEB USA Fee Included
Tank Rental Included
Newborn Stem Cell Banking with CBR Included
Egg Thaw, Fertilization and Embryo Transfer Included
Recipient Monitoring (Uterine lining check) Included
Cryopreservation and Storage Not Included
FET of extra cryo preserved embryos Not Included
Plan Cost Contact Us
Packing, Shipping and Handling $570 USD
Amount refunded if you do not bring home a live born baby No Refund
Amount refunded if you choose to terminate the contract No Refund