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IVF Florida Reproductive Associates Gets National Notice for Excellence in Egg Freezing

IVF Florida Reproductive Associates is now one of 40 programs nationwide and the only program in Florida to receive the Seal of Quality Assurance for Oocyte Cryopreservation and Warming from Donor Egg Bank USA, the largest frozen egg bank in North America. To receive this recognition, practices have to pass a rigorous set of requirements and show exceptional results.

(South Florida Hospital News on 13 Jan 2021)

CBR Announces New Pediatric Genetic Screening Test on World Cord Blood Day

Joining in the World Cord Blood Day celebration, CBR, the global leader in newborn stem cell banking, announced today a new genetic service developed over the past couple of years as part of a strategic alliance with Sema4. As a patient-centered health intelligence company and leading innovator within the genomic testing industry, Sema4 collaborated with CBR to launch ReadyGen™, a highly accurate genetic screening test that analyzes a child's DNA for more than 200 conditions that can affect children before the age of 10.

( on 15 Nov 2019)

Maternity Surrogate: Open Debate

Amidst the growing social and political debate in Spain regarding gestational surrogacy, Luis and Pablo travel to Miami, FL to begin their journey to parenthood via donor egg IVF.

(Criatures on 05 Jan 2019)

A Look at Why Women Freeze Their Eggs

The Idaho and Utah Fertility Centers have partnered with Donor Egg Bank USA, which specializes in egg freezing to ensure quality control. This organization helps the fertility center improve its technology and technique in the egg-freezing process.

( on 03 Jan 2019)

Concluding the Fertility Journey through the use of Frozen Donor Eggs

Listen to this podcast interview with Margarita Lainez, donor manager of California Cryobank Donor Egg Bank, as she discusses what it takes to become a donor, the regulations that govern egg donation and the process required to utilize frozen egg donation as an option to complete your fertility journey.

(Focus on Fertility on 18 Sep 2018)

We Don't Want to be Judged

Finding an egg donor is a challenge in Canada. For those of South Asian descent, it's even harder. Dakshana Bascaramurty explores the struggles and a push to end the criminalization of buying and selling eggs in Canada so donors could be legally compensated.

(The Globe and Mail on 12 Nov 2017)

How This Company Found a Better Way to Help Women Get Pregnant

Heidi Hayes, co-founder of Donor Egg Bank USA, transformed a new technology into a new industry.

(INC Magazine on 01 Mar 2017)

Take one egg. Cool to -196 C. Revolutionize fertility.

Hundreds of thousands of egg retrievals are performed around the world yearly. The new technique of "vitrification" has made avenues of assisted reproduction safer, cheaper, more efficient, and easier to access.

(The Toronto Star on 26 Nov 2016)

Sperm and eggs are not equal in Canada

In Canada, infertile couples pay taxes on eggs, but not sperm. Donor Egg Bank USA CEO Heidi Hayes offers her viewpoint on oocyte taxation.

(L'actualité on 10 Mar 2016)

Jewish egg donations are hot commodity, but are they 'kosher'?

Laura has donated her eggs four times to women who needed help having children. "It gave me a real sense of purpose," she said.

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency on 29 Jul 2015)

Donor Egg Bank USA Surpasses Industry Standards

Donor Egg Bank USA, the largest frozen donor egg bank in the USA, is proud to announce that they continue to exceed the standards for frozen egg donation as outlined by the independent non-profit organization Parents Via Egg Donation.

(Globe Newswire on 19 Jun 2015)

How to Choose an Egg Donor

Donor Egg Bank USA CEO Heidi Hayes offers some helpful tips on how to choose an egg donor.

(Expert Beacon on 20 Jan 2015)

Olive Fertility Center Receives Award for Clinical Excellence

Olive Fertility Centre is proud to announce that they have been awarded the 2014 Canada Clinic Excellence Award in Vitrification Warming by Donor Egg Bank USA.

(Virtual Strategy Magazine on 23 Dec 2014)

Fertility Associates of Memphis Announces Partnership with Donor Egg Bank USA

Fertility Associates of Memphis has announced a new partnership with Donor Egg Bank USA, a network with partner practices across the USA.

(Virtual Strategy Magazine on 22 Dec 2014)

Does Use of Frozen Oocytes Affect Obstetric or Perinatal Outcomes?

Study shows there were no differences in obstetric and perinatal risk outcomes with fresh vs vitrified oocytes.

(MedScape on 07 Nov 2014)

Sonia Kruger opens up about being pregnant in her late 40s

Australian celebrity Sonia Kruger shares her thoughts and feelings about being pregnant at 49 using donor egg.

(Herald Sun on 07 Nov 2014)

How Infertility Has Changed in Modern Times

Infertility is a major concern for many families. Although the problem can cause distress, resolution of the situation is much better these days than it was a few years ago. Digital Journal has spoken to a leading fertility expert to find out more.

(Digital Journal on 15 Oct 2014)

Would You Donate Your Eggs to a Couple Who Couldn't Conceive?

A helpful look at the donor egg system in Canada and the United States

(Huffington Post on 04 Oct 2014)

I Donated My Eggs So I Could Travel the World

A young woman describes her experience as an egg donor.

(Huffington Post on 29 Sep 2014)

Fertility Centers of Illinois and Donor Egg Bank USA Hit 1,000 Embryo Transfer Milestone

Fertility Centers of Illinois, the premiere fertility center in the Chicagoland area and Donor Egg Bank USA, the largest frozen donor egg bank in the United States, have reached the milestone of more than 1,000 embryo transfers completed.

(Digital Journal on 25 Sep 2014)

Fertility Options for Older Women

Many women now defer having a child until their later thirties or beyond. If these women then fail to conceive readily they become one of the most difficult problems in reproductive medicine today. Yet there are options to help older women achieve pregnancy.

(The Island on 24 Sep 2014)

Meet the Single, Working Mom Who's Pregnant at 51

Manhattan publicist Tracey Kahn, 51, is pregnant with her second child, conceived with the help of a donor egg. Here, Kahn discusses her decision to embrace later-in-life motherhood.

(New York Post on 08 Sep 2014)

Pregnant Sonia Kruger used donor egg from friend

TV anchor Sonia Kruger has revealed that she used a donor egg to get pregnant with her first child at nearly 50.

(Illawarra Mercury on 25 Aug 2014)

Largest U.S. Frozen Donor Egg Bank Hits 1,000 Embryo Transfer Milestone

Donor Egg Bank USA, the largest frozen donor egg bank in the United States, has reached a company milestone of more than 1,000 embryo transfers completed.

(Health News Digest on 19 Aug 2014)

People on the Move

Heidi Hayes, CEO of Donor Egg Bank USA, was featured in the Washington Business Journal, People on the Move

(Washington Business Journal on 19 Aug 2014)

Getting Pregnant with Donor Eggs

For many women over the age of 40, IVF with egg donation offers the best chance of getting pregnant and having a baby. There are two options for donor egg patients - frozen donor eggs or fresh donor eggs.

(Fertility Authority on 08 Aug 2014)

New Fertility Program Brings Frozen Eggs to Ottawa

A new program at the Ottawa Fertility Centre offers would-be parents a new option -- frozen donor eggs.

(Ottawa Citizen on 19 Jul 2014)

One Good Egg: How Do You Like Your Eggs?

"How do you like your eggs?" is usually a question I am asked at my neighborhood Denny's by a waitress names Wanda. It's not the sort of question I expect to hear from my doctor. But then again, this isn't just any doctor. This is Dr. Hal Danzer, one of the leading fertility experts in the country...

(Huffington Post on 19 May 2014)

Infertility Myths: 10 Misconceptions About Having a Baby in Your 40s

Women are constantly told their biological clocks are ticking, so for those planning to have a baby after 40, it may feel like time has already run out. Fortunately, through donors, fertility treatments and surrogates, families who want children at a later age still have ways to get pregnant.

(Huffington Post Canada on 28 Apr 2014)

10 Myths About Pregnancy in Your 40s

Modern motherhood can be difficult to navigate with the conflicting messages that women receive. Celebrities make pregnancy in the 40s look like a breeze. Why do we have to worry?

(Health News Digest on 16 Apr 2014)

A Family for the Holidays: Woman Becomes Mother Through Frozen Donor Egg

Holly Dickey knew she wanted to be a mother at age 26. At age 40 she decided to become a single mother, but no fertility treatments resulted in pregnancy. After meeting the love of her life, they decided to build a family together. Holly experienced four pregnancies, three times by in vitro fertilization and once naturally, but all ended in miscarriage.

( on 23 Dec 2013)

Top Egg Banks in America

An egg donor bank is designed specifically for women who are unable to produce their own eggs or produce lower quality eggs. So how exactly does the egg donor bank work?

( on 13 Mar 2013)

Cost and Technology Drive Frozen Egg Donation Growth

The use of frozen donor eggs to assist with in vitro fertilization is on the rise, and it could be headed toward a tipping point in terms of public awareness and acceptance.

( on 10 Jan 2013)

More Women Turn to Frozen Eggs for Help With Infertility

Ellen Carpenter delayed marriage until she found Mr. Right, but by that time she was 38 years old, making it much more difficult to have children. After getting pregnant with the help of hormone injections, the Frederick County resident lost the baby...

( on 08 Dec 2012)

Egg Freezing Changing Fertility Treatments

When fertility doctors determined Vernon's own eggs were kaput, they enthusiastically recommended a young egg donor who'd already helped two other couples get pregnant...

( on 08 Nov 2012)

Donor Egg Bank Brings Double Success

She walked out of our office smiling, looking at her admiring husband with a bit of "we can handle this together". She was glowing that glow you get from being pregnant and dreaming of the future...

( on 15 Oct 2012)

Designer Babies: The Evolution of Fertility Technology

Designer babies are quickly becoming the new normal thanks to the evolution of fertility technology. Egg banks are linked in a way like never before, allowing families to pick and choose the characteristics they want in their child...

(WOAI-TV San Antonio on 05 Oct 2012)

RMA Clinic of San Antonio First in Texas to Offer Frozen Egg Database

With one in seven couples unable to conceive, more and more potential parents are turning to in vitro fertilization. As technology has improved, so has the process...

(KSAT-TV San Antonio on 27 Sep 2012)

Advances in Egg Freezing Technology Offer Opportunity

Donor Egg Bank USA is a company that uses partnerships with fertility clinics across the nation to connect families interested in frozen egg donation with donors who match their needs.

( on 16 Sep 2012)

Frozen Egg Donor Banks Sprout in Wake of New Technology

You've heard about sperm banks. Now, at long last, make room for their genetic equivalents: egg donor banks...

( on 08 Sep 2012)

Fertility Files: Donor Egg Bank USA

You've been diagnosed with infertility, but did you ever think you'd be searching for a frozen donor egg on a matchmaking site?

( on 01 Aug 2012)

Egg Donation Becomes More Successful with Frozen Egg Banking

For many years, couples and single people in need of sperm donation to build their families have had a fairly simple, straightforward process...For those in need of egg donation, the process was not quite so simple...

( on 20 Jul 2012)

Major Advancement in Fertility Treatment Makes In-Vitro More Accessible

A new, more affordable, convenient and effective option for women turning to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to get pregnant is finally available...

( [KTVK-3TV Arizona] on 11 Jul 2012)

Better Freezing Techniques and Avoiding Hyperstimulation Make Donor Egg Banks a Viable Option

Until recently egg donation required that a recipient be synchronized to an individual egg donor, making the process very complex, time-consuming and expensive. Now better freezing techniques by vitrification and stimulation protocols to allow a maximum number...

( on 12 Jun 2012)

Frozen Egg Banks Offer Another Choice for Egg Donation

Because of advances in egg freezing technology, donor egg banks, similar to sperm banks, have been developed over the last few years...

( on 02 May 2012)

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