Frequently Asked Questions


Registering on the database will allow you to view donors for 60 days. Enrolling in the program will grant you upgraded access so that you may not only view the donors, but also "lock in" a donor when you are ready. You must be an established patient at a participating fertility clinic to enroll in the program. Please call us to check the shipping availability for your clinic.

We post on our website all information regarding the donor that is provided to us. After her egg retrieval, the donor moves on with her life and may not be available to provide additional information.

Our website is live, which means that donors can be added at any time. Likewise, a donor's last egg lot may also be selected at any time by any client that has upgraded access. We add donors as soon as we have collected all of the information from the medical practice where the donor cycled, therefore we do not follow a set schedule. If you have been looking for a specific type of donor please call us and we will try to assist you further.

A “first time” donor is a woman who has never donated her eggs before. A "repeat" donor has an established record in which her eggs and/or the resulting embryo quality has had favorable results. The vast majority of repeat donors have been successful in achieving a pregnancy. However, it is important to remember that every successful repeat donor was at one time a first time donor.

Placing a donor in your favorites folder does not secure a donor. The favorites folder is simply a tool for you to easily track and compare the donors you like. When the donor's last egg lot is gone, she will automatically disappear from your folder. We highly recommend that you write down the number for the donors you are interested for future reference. If you call us with the number, we can assess her willingness to cycle again. You must be enrolled into our program to have the ability to select a donor. Call us today to get started at 240-778-6210.

Supplemental fees are added if an outside program was used to find a donor. While the donor was discovered by an external agency, she still would have received her medical care at a partner practice. Therefore, her eggs have been frozen in accordance with our technology protocol. Generally the partnering practices will have their own donors to add to the database, but occasionally we will use external programs  to identify hard to find donors.

It is your decision if, and to whom, you choose to share the genetic source of your child. We strongly recommend you do share the information with your OB/GYN and ultimately with your child's pediatrician, so they can better care for both you and your child. We also encourage you to share this information with your future child in an age appropriate way.

Eggs are only shipped to fertility clinics within the US and Canada; please call us to check the availability of shipping to your clinic. Please consult with your physician regarding any medical indication that could prohibit you from pursuing donor egg treatment.


There are no costs to enroll or browse the donor registry. We understand that moving forward with donor egg is a big decision emotionally and financially, and we would like to relieve you from unnecessary stress. You are not under any pressure or commitment.

Donor egg treatment is composed of three primary components: first is the fee paid to the donor for her inconvenience and time as well as the expense associated with her pre-screening; second is the cost of the donor's IVF cycle and associated medication to retrieve her eggs; and third is the cost of the recipient's cycle to get her ready for the eggs to be transferred into her uterus.

Payment is expected within 5 business days of donor selection. Information on how to make payment will be sent to you via e-mail shortly after your donor selection has been received by us.

Donor Egg Bank USA does not participate with insurance plans. If accepted by the fertility practice of your choosing, we do encourage you to utilize your benefits to cover your new patient visit, pre-screening requirements and pregnancy care. We have tried to reasonably price our frozen donor egg treatment cycles and in many cases, Donor Egg Bank USA's price will save you more money than if you had pursued treatment using your benefits.

Yes, donor's are fully screened in accordance with FDA guidelines prior to their donation. All aspects of their donation cycle, including stimulation medication, are included in the cost of the financial plans unless otherwise stated.

No. We estimate Recipient medication costs to be between $400 and $900.

Assured Refund Plan™:

The Assured Refund Plan is offered at clinics who have contracted to participate in our bundled plans. For a full listing of these clinics, please visit our locations page.  If your physician is not contracted, please have them contact us at

Yes, if you do not deliver a live born baby within the six cycle attempts, you will be given a 100% refund. We do require medical documentation of pregnancy loss.

The Assured Refund Plan requires medical approval to participate in the financial 100% money back guarantee. One of the requirements is for each applicant to have a mock or pilot cycle to verify the uterine lining on exogenous estrogen. We require a uterine lining of 8 mm or greater to proceed with a transfer in the Assured Refund Plan. Those applicants who fulfill the requirement of a mock cycle are considered for full acceptance. One of the benefits of using frozen eggs is that a mock cycle can be combined with an actual cycle when the purpose of the mock cycle is to check the lining. This can save both time and money.

When our medical reviewer determines you to be otherwise eligible for the plan but information regarding the uterine lining is unavailable, you will be accepted as Assured Refund Contingent. If you are considered Contingent and your lining does not meet the 8 mm minimum required for the program during your actual egg bank cycle, your cycle would be converted to a single cycle. Please discuss this option with your physician.

No. For each negative cycle, a cycle review is completed before the next cycle is authorized. The cycle review is done internally, is quick and is routine. While it does not happen frequently, additional information may be requested prior to the authorization of the next cycle. It could also occur that the next cycle is not authorized because of concerns that there may be unresolved reasons for lack of success. In the event that a cycle is not authorized, a full refund will be provided.

Medical Treatment and Egg Quality:

Many of our clients tell us about their journey with infertility and question why this treatment will work when others have failed. There are two primary indications for Egg Donation Treatment. They are age and ovarian reserve.

Age: As a woman increases in age, her eggs age as well. Women will experience a significant decline in fertility starting in their mid-30's. The decline becomes more pronounced as a woman reaches her 40's with a near zero pregnancy rate utilizing her own eggs by age 45.

Ovarian Reserve: Decreased ovarian function can occur in younger women and in severe cases complete ovarian failure (menopause) can occur in women under the age of 40.

You will receive a minimum of 5 mature eggs with most egg donors offering egg lots of 6 to 8. The number of mature eggs available is listed on each donor's profile. Our research has shown that an egg lot of 5 eggs is optimal to produce one normally developing embryo for transfer. Some patients will have additional embryos to cryopreserve; however, there is no guarantee of additional embryos. If you do not have one blastocyst available for transfer, we will provide you a new cycle or the failed cycle will not count against your Assured Refund Plan cycles.  

Eggs are not graded but are deemed either mature or not mature. You will only receive mature eggs from Donor Egg Bank USA. Your embryologist can ultimately grade resulting embryo quality but the quality of the sperm used at fertilization also plays a major factor in the overall quality of an embryo.

Once your pre-screening is complete and you are matched with a donor, we estimate 4 weeks to complete your cycle. This is much faster than a traditional egg donation treatment, which can take more than 6 months to complete as the egg donor needs to be pre-screened and then the recipient and donor’s cycles need to be synchronized.

You should contact the medical professional (i.e. physician, nurse, etc.) who is responsible for your medical care. Neither Donor Egg Bank USA nor California Cryobank are healthcare providers.

Yes, we work with many clients who require donor sperm, a gestational carrier, or both. Of course, the fees for these additional services are not included in our package plans and may be charged to you by your physician.  We recommend the use of our California Cryobank sperm for gamete matching.

Medically, the donor's blood type does not influence your chances of pregnancy. Clients who choose not to disclose the genetic origin to their children may want to choose a blood type that complements the female or male partner.


Each year our partnering practices receive thousands of donor applications and are highly selective in who is chosen to be a donor. After passing the initial screening, each donor undergoes a more intensive medical, genetic and psychological screening process before she can be deemed eligible for egg donation. Less than 10% of the applicants will qualify to become a donor as most applicants are screened out by the information they provide in their initial application.

Yes, genetic screening is performed on every donor to help identify and reduce potential risks to offspring conceived through our egg donation program. Genetic screening is performed for all disorders that are recommended by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG). Most donors have also had carrier screening for many other inherited disorders. The specific tests performed differ among individual donors because genetic testing changes over time. Therefore, Donor Egg BankUSA sends a copy of a donor’s genetic test results to your fertility practice at the time of a match so that the donor’s results can be reviewed in detail by your doctor. We strongly recommend that the recipient and treating physician discuss the donor’s genetic screening results prior to shipment of a donor’s eggs to determine that this egg donor’s genetic screening results are suitable for your reproductive plans.

Nearly all of us are carriers for some type of genetic disorder. Donors are screened for the most common carrier disorder as recommended by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG).  Some donors will result with a genetic carrier status. This means they are positive carriers for one or more of the genetic diseases they were tested for. Before you exclude a donor due to their genetic carrier status, we suggest you learn more about the topic to make the best decision for your family. Counsyl will provide a complimentary genetic consultation to clients interested in selecting a donor that has undergone genetic screening through their laboratory. In addition, you must obtain approval from your doctor and speaking with a Geneticist is strongly recommended. Please call us to discuss further questions.

All egg donors are required to complete a battery of pre-screening, as well as, a written and face-to-face mental health assessment. As they don't know what criteria will make them selectable, they are less likely to be evasive. Therefore, we believe that most donors are straightforward in their answers and have been truthful in their responses.  However, we have not independently verified the donor's profile.

Yes, the egg donor was fully pre-screened in accordance with FDA guidelines prior to her cycle. You can have peace of mind that all of the eggs in our Egg Bank meet FDA guidelines.

A “first time” egg donor is a woman who has never donated her eggs before. A "repeat" egg donor has an established record in which her eggs and/or the resulting embryo quality has had favorable results. The vast majority of repeat donors have been successful in achieving a pregnancy. However, it is important to remember that every successful repeat donor was at one time a first time donor.


After receiving your contracts and payment, we will send an authorization to the donation facility to ship the eggs. Once the donor's eggs ship, we do not provide refunds.

We give the embryology team at the laboratory up to 2 weeks to initiate shipment. Since your shipment is precious cargo, we want the lab to have adequate time to carefully prepare and package the eggs. Once the shipment is initiated, the eggs are sent priority overnight. We will send you a confirmation email once the eggs have arrived at your facility.