Donor Egg Bank USA Presents Awards for Partner Practice Excellence

Rockville, MD on 18 Oct 2014

Donor Egg Bank USA, the largest frozen donor egg bank in the United States, presented 12 awards of excellence for individual and practice achievement at its annual network event.

Donor Egg Bank USA provides frozen donor eggs to infertility patients who are unable to conceive a child using their own eggs. After a frozen donor egg is thawed and fertilized with sperm, the resulting embryo is transferred to the patient’s uterus. 

Success with frozen donor egg is due to a technical process called vitrification or fast-freezing. Vitrification is the fast-freezing of delicate eggs (oocytes) without the formation of ice crystals. The lack of ice crystallization is critical because ice crystals can damage fragile oocyte cell membranes and result in the degeneration of eggs.

Excellent in vitrification warming (thawing) and cooling (freezing) techniques translate to higher pregnancy success rates for those who use frozen donor egg to have a child.

After careful evaluation of 28 partner practices and over 150 reproductive specialists in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, Donor Egg Bank USA selected recipients for awards in Excellence in Vitrification Cooling, Excellence in Vitrification Warming, Overall USA Fertility Practice Excellence in Cooling, Overall USA Fertility Practice Excellence in Warming, Overall Canada Fertility Practice Excellence in Warming and Excellence in Third Party Nursing.

Award candidates were evaluated based upon clinical pregnancy rates achieved per egg lot thawed and overall practice excellence.

Vitrification Cooling Awards

• Shady Grove Fertility Center – Jeannette Siques-Barnett
• Shady Grove Fertility Center – Taleah Butler
• Shady Grove Fertility Center – James Graham
• Fertility Centers of Illinois – Emmanuel Magno
• Shady Grove Fertility Center – Kristine Milne
• Fertility Institute of Hawaii – Amber Brewer

Vitrification Warming Awards

• Reproductive Partners Medical Group – Carmel Minneci
• Fertility Centers of Illinois - Sara Sanchez

Partner Practice Excellence in Vitrification Awards

• Excellence Award in Vitrification Warming – RMA of Texas
• Canada Clinic Excellence Award in Vitrification Warming – Olive Fertility Centre
• Excellence Award in Vitrification Cooling - Boston IVF

Excellence in Third Party Nursing

• Coastal Fertility Specialists - Cari Maness

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Donor Egg Bank USA is a frozen donor egg program developed through the collaboration of more than 150 of the country's top reproductive specialists and available at more than 100 locations throughout the United States and Canada. Donor Egg Bank USA offers immediate access to a broad donor egg pool and uses advanced freezing technology to produce success rates similar to traditional (fresh) donor egg programs. Using frozen eggs from Donor Egg Bank USA requires less time than a fresh donor egg cycle (1-3 months versus 4-6 months in a traditional cycle), and is more affordable. Donor Egg Bank USA offers the financial security of a 100% Assured Refund PlanΓäó if a couple does not deliver a baby. Donor Egg Bank USA offers frozen egg fertility options to couples nationally and across the globe. For more information:, 855-344-2265.