California Cryobank's Biorepository Safeguards Valuable Reproductive Tissue

Los Angeles on 19 Mar 2018

Recently, two medical clinics were in the news due to storage tank failures which led to potential losses of hundreds of their patients' frozen eggs and embryos. As a result, California Cryobank (Cryobank), the domestic leader in the frozen sperm/egg donor industry and one of the nation's largest private stem cell and reproductive tissue storage facilities, has recently received many more inquiries than usual about what safeguards we have in place to protect our own clients' valuable specimens.

"We safeguard tens of thousands of specimens for private storage and donor clients who count on us to protect their family's futures," says Cryobank's Chief Operating Officer, Pamela Richardson. "Our biorepository operation in Los Angeles is designed to provide the highest level of security through a robust storage system with multiple layers of redundancies built into it."

California Cryobank's world class biorepository has an automatic system that supplies a constant flow of liquid nitrogen to all storage tanks from our 6,000 gallon supply tank, as well as visual and audible alarms tied to a state-of-the-art air handling system protecting oxygen levels 24/7.  Additionally, our full-time cryogenics department performs physical inspections of all tanks 365 days a year.

California Cryobank utilizes a monitoring system which immediately alerts staff should any tank experience temperature fluctuation. Although tanks themselves do not require electricity to maintain temperatures, an industrial diesel emergency electric generator at the main Los Angeles facility can provide fully independent back-up power to the monitoring system.

"Our system is designed to protect the priceless sperm, eggs, and embryos, while ensuring the safety of our staff," says Richardson. "We are confident that our bio-repository is providing the highest standard of protection."

About California Cryobank

California Cryobank provides frozen donor sperm/egg services, reproductive tissue storage, and cord blood banking (through FamilyCord) and is registered with the FDA, accredited by the AATB and AABB, and licensed by the states of California and New York. Cryobank is a portfolio company of two healthcare-focused private investment firms, Longitude Capital and NovaQuest Capital Management.

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SOURCE California Cryobank

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