California Cryobank's Donor Egg Bank Announces New Guarantee

Rockville, MD on 04 Apr 2018

Donor Egg Bank USA, a California Cryobank Company, now offers a unique enhanced embryo guarantee to their frozen donor egg clients: a quality blastocyst. While this may not sound like a big deal to those unfamiliar with conceiving via donor egg, the new guarantee can lighten the significant financial and emotional burdens associated with the inherent uncertainty of the process.

While other egg banks traditionally guarantee only the survival of the eggs or an undefined embryo after warming, Donor Egg Bank has consistently maintained the importance of having a usable embryo worthy of freezing or biopsy.

"We know egg survival is not necessarily indicative of quality, therefore we take the extra step to guarantee a usable quality blastocyst for transfer or freeze," explains Heidi Hayes, Executive Vice President. "We do everything we can to provide our intended parents peace of mind as they move forward with their IVF treatments."

A quality blastocyst is a critical step in the IVF process, but for an intended parent, only one measure of success really matters – going home with a baby. That's why Donor Egg Bank USA offers it's unique Assured Refund Program, which provides a 100% money back guarantee to the intended parents if a baby is not delivered. Through the program, intended parents are able to have up to six egg lots for transfer and unlimited frozen embryo transfer cycles. If unsuccessful, 100% of the cost is refunded.

Intended parents are able to save money through Donor Egg Bank USA's other financial packages such as single cycle plans, which bundle the cost of egg warming and transfer together with the eggs.  

Donor Egg Bank USA and California Cryobank are committed to providing their families the best chance of success.

"We each have our own journey," says Hayes. "What binds us together is the deep desire to be a parent and our willingness to persevere to make our dreams come true."

About Donor Egg Bank USA and California Cryobank

With over 800 highly qualified sperm and egg donors to choose from, California Cryobank provides the world's largest selection of donor eggs and sperm. Currently, eggs can be shipped to most IVF clinics in the United States and Canada. The company offers a variety of innovative financial packages and maintains one of the frozen donor egg industry's highest success.


SOURCE California Cryobank

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