Los Angeles, CA on 11 Mar 2020

Donor Egg Bank USA, part of the Generate Life Sciences (Generate) family of brands and the largest frozen egg bank in North America, today announced 8,000 sets of eggs (6-8 eggs per set on average) warmed for recipient IVF cycles. This number is significant in the field of egg vitrification because it is a relatively young field – Donor Egg Bank USA, one of the first egg banks in the US, opened in 2012 and was the first egg bank to successfully ship frozen eggs across the country.  To date, Donor Egg Bank USA has thawed over 50,000 eggs at fertility practices around the globe.  Statistics from 2019 demonstrates the efficiency and success of frozen donor eggs with a 61% clinical pregnancy rate per transfer.  The nation’s top fertility practices are achieving a record 79% or better clinical pregnancy rate per transfer with Donor Egg Bank USA’s frozen eggs.


The frozen egg business has evolved over the last 8 years. Today, donor egg banking and elective egg freezing have become prevalent in today’s society. A growing number of employers now offer their employees reproductive health insurance and services.  Over 5,000 children have been born from Donor Egg Bank eggs which gives physicians confidence to offer egg freezing to women undergoing medical treatments such as cancer or those who want to freeze their eggs for social reasons.  


Egg vitrification is an ultra-rapid freezing technique that cools eggs to -320° Fahrenheit and preserves them in a glass-like state.  The process prevents ice crystals from forming that could damage the integrity of the egg.  The first case of egg vitrification was reported in 1999 and in 2013 the American Society for Reproductive Medicine noted that the procedure should no longer be considered experimental based on evidence that it is safe and effective.


“We’re extremely proud of the work we do at Donor Egg Bank USA. By hitting this milestone of 8,000 egg lots warmed, we know that we continue to be the trusted partner for families who rely on donor eggs to have a baby,” said Heidi Hayes, executive vice president. “We started Donor Egg Bank USA in 2012, and are excited to see how far this industry has come in under ten years. We are continually focused on increasing the successful outcomes from egg vitrification across the US to ensure that couples who need an egg donor have a chance at making their dream of becoming parents come true.”


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