Navigating the Costs of Donor Egg Treatment

We offer competitive pricing with our frozen donor egg program, which gives you a seamless experience from donor selection to shipping.

Our Fees

Frozen VS. Fresh

DEB Frozen Egg Costs AVG. Fresh Egg Costs
Donor medical insurance Included $500
Donor screening
(psych, genetic, infectious diseases)
Included $4,500
Donor stimulation medication Included $4,000
Egg retrieval Included $5,000
Donor compensation and travel expense Included $8,500
Total egg cost $14,500* $22,500
*Depending on your selected financial plan
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100% Assured Refund Plan

Have Your Baby or Your Money Back!

Will qualify for the assured refund plan.
Will take home a baby.

Donor Egg Bank USA offers the 100% Assured Refund® financial plan as a safety net to ensure you will have a baby to love. Included are up to six (6) treatment cycles with a 100% refund if you are unsuccessful. Getting pregnant isn’t always easy but you can take comfort in our money-back guarantee.