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Donor Egg Bank USA's network of fertility programs recruit a wide variety of egg donors, many who have successfully gone through the Donor Egg IVF process before. The egg donors are motivated to help others realize their dream of having a family and have been compensated for their time and inconvenience. Donor Egg Bank USA, in collaboration with our partnering programs, review each donor’s past treatment, baseline hormones, and antral follicle count to ensure her eggs are likely to produce a favorable outcome.

All egg donors are healthy non-smokers between the ages of 21 and 33. Each donor goes through an extensive screening process before she can be deemed eligible for donation.  Prior to undergoing their donation cycles and egg retrievals, all potential donors are screened by their medical practice for the following criteria:

  • Physical Examination
  • Psychological Examination
  • Drug Usage Screening
  • FDA Risk Assessment Questionnaire
  • Multi-Generational Health History Questionnaire
  • Appropriate Cultures, Ultrasounds and Blood Tests
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing
  • Expanded Genetic Testing 
  • Infectious Disease Testing
  • Zika Risk Review as of 3/3/2016  (Donor Egg Bank USA's standard procedure regarding the Zika Virus can be found here.)

Our egg donors have completed a comprehensive application which will provide you pages of information about her medical history, aptitudes, work history, education and personal statements.  Each donor receives psychological screening and  an evaluation which is designed to ensure only good candidates move forward with a donation.  

We do not independently verify the information the donor reports on her application. From time to time we may receive updated information and we will modify the profile accordingly.  

Our goal is to provide you enough information to give you a comfort level in making a choice that will best fit your family.

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Open Release Donor Program

The Open Release Donor Program allows for the potential future contact between an egg donor and a child conceived from her egg donation. This contact can only be initiated by the conceived child once he or she has reached the legal age of adulthood.