Egg Donation Locations

Donor Egg Bank USA works with fertility practices throughout the United States, the U.S. territories, Canada, and the Americas. We are delighted to ship eggs directly to your physician’s laboratory. Donor Egg Bank USA ships to most practices and is actively facilitating shipments to new programs each week.

The warming of frozen eggs is technically challenging and experience does vary. Donor Egg Bank USA is a committed partner to your fertility practice offering a full egg warming kit & protocol to ensure egg survival success and a robust guarantee plan to protect your investment. Quality is important to us therefore we discuss a programs experience and comfort level with the egg warming protocol before making the final decision to ship eggs.

Select Fertility Practices (click here to view a map of locations near you) participate in our bundled financial plans that provide a price reduction on the eggs. Our Single Cycle Plan, bundles the cost of the egg warming and transfer together with the eggs, so there are no financial surprises. Our Assured Refund Plan offers up to 6 egg lot cycles and a 100% refund if a live birth does not occur. Donor Egg Bank USA is the only egg bank to offer a 100% refund plan at multiple locations throughout the United States and Canada.

If you are a physician practice, to whom we do not currently ship eggs, and you are interested in receiving eggs, please contact us at

In case you would like more information about donating your eggs in the United States, please click here.