Getting Started With The Egg Donor Process at Donor Egg Bank USA

Please note: This web page explains the process for those individuals who need treatment with donor eggs to have a baby. If you are interested in donating your eggs and are under the age of 32, please visit this page.

At Donor Egg Bank USA, a successful cycle with a donor eggs represent the final, most gratifying stop on your journey to parenthood.

Our mission is to help pair you with the perfect egg donor to help you to grow your family, and to simplify the entire process of using donor eggs as much as possible.

We work with renowned Reproductive Science Centers across the United States and employ the latest technology to achieve live birth success rates that are comparable to traditional (fresh) donor egg cycles.  Our partnerships have helped people in the United States and Canada to fulfill their dreams. Read personal stories from our past patients, or learn about the easy-to-understand financial plans that will help you manage the cost of growing your family.

Simple as 1-2-3 Egg Donor Process

The Donor Egg Bank USA “Simple as 1-2-3 Egg Donor Process” helps take the guesswork out of the steps involved when using a donor egg.

Step 1: ENROLL

Your free registration on the Donor Egg Bank USA website is quick and easy to complete. With your free registration, you can view partial donor profiles that give information on the donor’s physical characteristics, aptitudes, work history, education and personal statements. 

When you're ready to move forward, we will enroll you in the program by collecting some demographic information.  It's free and easy to enroll and we can process your information with a simple phone call or via an email.  After enrollment, you will have upgraded access to view the full egg donors' profile and complete your egg donor selection.

We believe in complete honesty and transparency for all of our clients, which is why we’re available to answer your questions to help you better understand the egg donation process. Contact us with questions.

Step 2: SELECT

View our database of donors to find your perfect match. Through the Donor Egg Bank USA network, we have access to a wide variety of egg donors that reflect the diversity of the United States and Canada.  All egg donors undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure they are a qualified donor.


Once you have selected a donor, you have five business days to submit a payment or to arrange financing. From this point, we will guide you through the remaining stages of the donor egg transfer process.

In most cases, you will work with the Reproductive Center of your choice.  In some cases, we will recommend you transfer to a clinic near you that is experienced in thawing vitrified eggs. The frozen donor eggs will be shipped from our facilities to your clinic for fertilization and embryo transfer. You will know if the transfer was successful two weeks later when you return to the clinic for a pregnancy test.

Our Process

Why Donor Egg Bank USA?

There have no doubt already been difficult decisions to make on your journey to parenthood. Choosing your ideal egg donor will bring you very close to the end of that process, and it is our number one goal to ensure this final stage goes as smoothly as possible. There are many benefits of working with Donor Egg Bank USA over alternative solutions, including:

  • Convenience: Choose a donor from our website in the privacy and comfort of your own home or office.
  • Affordability: Using a frozen egg is approximately half the cost of a traditional IVF cycle using a donated egg. Not only that but with our Assured Refund Plan, you will be guaranteed to deliver a baby or you will receive your money back.
  • Flexibility: When using a frozen (vs. fresh) egg, your transfer can take place at the time and place that works best for your family.
  • Certainty: There is no risk of cancellation due to a poor ovarian response or unforeseen event in the life of the egg donor.

Our expert staff has the training, experience, and sensitivity to provide personalized attention and a seamless experience from the initial donor selection through to the shipping of your donor egg and beyond.

Don't wait another day to complete the family of your dreams! Get started with your free registration on the Donor Egg Bank USA website.