Against all odds

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I knew tying my tubes was the right decision when my marriage was ending and I didn't want anymore children with my husband. I was thirty- three years old and was happy with my two children, one boy and one girl however little do I know the journey I was about to embark on. When I met my current husband I was aware he wanted children since he did not have any so at the age of thirty-eight I under went surgery to untie my tubes.

At the time my husband was in medical school and was not ready to have children however I was not getting any younger and I knew time and age would be a factor. Once he was finished and moved back, I was forty three year old and was no longer able to get pregnant on my own. At this point only one tube was open therefore we opted to try the in vitro process. We tried it once and was unsuccessful, which was heartbreaking and very expensive.

Fortunately I had a very honest and straight forward doctor that explained I could try again but results would probably be the same. I left his office and started searching other alternatives such as adoption, surrogates, and egg donation. I came across the egg donation website and starting picking out donors without even discussing this with my husband. He will a little more hesitant to go this route but there was no other alternative in my opinion.

I knew I would not be able to have another woman carry my child or go with adoption, which can take years. I made an appointment with my doctor and after lengthy discussion, I had chosen egg donation. It allowed me to carry my baby and experience the baby as if we conceived him. It has never crossed my mind that he came from someone else yet at the same time I have wished to meet the donor to thank her for the gift she has blessed me with.

At this point, we have a healthy, happy seven month old that I carried successfully to full term at the age of forty four years old. He is a blessing and gift from God (and some help from technology) that we would not have without the egg donor. My husband has his son, who happens to be a mini replica of my husband, and I am able to raise another child that adores me and cries for my arms, my warmth, and my love.