International In Vitro

International In Vitro


We found each other in our mid 30s and started trying for children soon after. After two years of no success we got a medical check up and we're told it was just an age issue.

In our country, New Zealand, we needed to be unsuccessful for five years before we could receive any govt funded IVF treatment. So at 39.9 years old we started treatment. The first miscarriage was at 9 weeks on mum's 40th birthday. The second miscarriage from an FET from the same batch was at about 6 weeks. On the day that mum started to miscarry was also the day our clinic decided was a good time to inform us we had no more cycles available due to funding restrictions. We had to make the tough call about what we would do as any action from here was going to cost a substantial amount.

We considered adoption, international adoption, surrogacy and everything else you could possibly think of. Unfortunately there was nothing that our own country could offer us so we had to look overseas. Among all the options DEB USA stood out as our best option. We organised to use the Hawaii clinic as it is the closest and it's not a bad place to hang out. We went with the Assured Refund Plan. The decision was easy however raising the funds was not, but when we considered it was about the same cost is buying a new car it put the whole process into perspective.

We ended up using 4 of the 6 rounds before we were successful, but boy were we successful. It was our decision to implant 2 quality embryos which resulted in a boy and a girl. Both healthy and both very loud. They are now 8 months old and we could not be happier. All up we had 7 rounds of IVF and 4 miscarriages. The journey lasted 7 years. The pain was horrendous, but there was always hope, and as long as we had hope there was absolutely no chance we would ever give up.

The hours of scrolling the Internet for any information that would help us all paid off when we discovered that in cases of a struggling lining, Viagra can assist. With the support of our Hawaii clinic our lining went from about 8mm to over 10 for each following cycle. This made a huge difference to our HCG numbers, and 2 cycles later we had the twins.

DEB USA was just amazing. The service was so friendly, that it put our New Zealand experiences to shame. It's not easy to put all your trust into a company across the other side of the world, but in DEB USA we never felt at risk or uncomfortable in any way. What a great bunch of people.