Our Miracles

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I first had the itch for a baby when I turned 30. Strangely, I felt in a huge rush and I had a sense time was running out. After a year of TTC, my husband and I consulted a fertility doctor who suggested IUI. it failed. After some more testing, they saw my AMH (indicates egg reserve) was UNDETECTABLE. The doctor was surprised and recommended we try IVF right away. After two failed rounds of IVF with my own eggs, we were scheduled to meet with our doctor again. He was unexpectedly out and another doctor on the office saw us. He was very blunt and said he'd studied my chart and there was no hope with my eggs. Donor egg was the only way. I broke down in my husbands arms the second the doctor left the room. I wanted a baby so badly. It took a few weeks for my sorrow to turn into hope. What was donor egg? I researched all I could. I saw huge benefits. A high success rate and I could still experience pregnancy, birth and so on. I started to get excited. In 2014, I found the donor that instantly seemed right to me. A redhead who seemed smart and likeable. The lot had 7 eggs. 7 thawed. 7 fertilized and 4 made it to day 5. The doctor put in 2 embryos and one made it. In early 2015, my beautiful son was born. We'd used the assured refund plan and I was more than happy that it worked on the first try. And we had one embryo to freeze. We transferred the embryo once we were ready for baby #2. The cycle failed. I looked for a new donor and the minute I found the one, I thought "that's the donor that will give me a daughter". Again, lot of 7 eggs. Only 1 made it to day 5 and it was a 5CB (very low quality embryo). We were in a somber mood when we left the clinic, assuming the cycle had failed. To our surprise, we got a BFP 2 weeks later and in early 2017, a 9lbs and healthy little girl completed our family. We couldn't be more pleased. What a blessing! We are so grateful for our wonderful donors who gave us a chance to be parents.