We Found a Way

We Found a Way 1


About a year after getting married, my husband and I started trying to have a family. Naively, we thought it would happen in a few months. A year went by and we had no success. We met with a fertility clinic and started the testing, which didn't give us any insight. We decided to try IUI first. We did 4 rounds, all negative. We moved on to IVF. We did two cycles, both negative. After a frustrating conversation with the doctor, we switched clinics.

We met with Dr. Greenhouse at Shady Grove Fertility. He ran more tests, which gave us the same result - unexplained infertility. We tried another IVF, and we got pregnant! We couldn't believe it. Sadly, two weeks later we miscarried. We were devastated. We did three more unsuccessful IVF cycles. We were at a lost - we didn't know why the cycles weren't working and we didn't know what else to do. Dr. Greenhouse suggested we try donor eggs. It was a tough "pill to swallow" because none of the tests showed a problem with my eggs and I always had great responses to stimulation. How could my eggs be the problem?

As my husband and I discussed it, I had many emotions. It was hard to give up on the idea of a genetic connection with my children. I worried about how my children would feel about it, I worried how I would feel about it, I worried about the problems that might arise as my children grew up and had questions.

I finally decided all of that was less important than having a family. My first donor egg cycle was a success! We have an absolutely perfect 22 month-old. We are now pregnant again - with twins! Donor Egg Bank USA was so accommodating with this last cycle. I found a donor I loved, but when I went to reserve her, she had been snatched up. I was so discouraged. They were able to release a reserved lot to us so that I could use the donor I had my heart set on. I was blown away by the lengths they went to for our benefit. Our dreams have finally come true!