Donor Egg Bank USA offer you affordable egg donation treatment at about ½ the cost of a traditional (fresh) donor IVF cycle and an immediate cycle start.  The cost for only the eggs with a blastocyst guarantee is $14,500. The cost of the eggs are reduced when bundled with a treatment plan in the Single Cycle and Assured Refund financial plans. These financial plans offer both the donor's eggs and the treatment cost for the egg thaw and embryo transfer as well.  The financial plans are designed to ensure you know the full treatment costs so there are no unexpected financial surprises which is often experienced in a traditional fresh egg donation cycle. 

In a frozen egg donation cycle, you never have to wait for an egg donor because all the donors are fully screened and have completed the egg retrieval cycle. Eggs are frozen and ready for immediate selection. Unlike a traditional egg donation treatment cycle, you start as soon as your next period or when it fits best into your schedule.

Fresh donor egg IVF cycles can be full of delays due to the treatment involving not only the initial donor selection but the overall screening and synchronization of the donor’s menstrual cycle with your own. In a shared cycle, you may need to wait for your egg donor to be selected by another patient and subsequently experience further delays as multiple cycles are synchronized together.

"Fresh donor egg cycle synchronization can take between 4 to 8 weeks with the entire treatment process taking well over 6 months to complete."

Frozen egg donation cycles are rarely cancelled compared to the 10% of traditional cycles that are cancelled. Egg donors are normal individuals and "life" will happen. A donor may experience unexpected changes in her schedule, may not take her injections correctly or perhaps not produce enough eggs during the cycle. With a frozen donor egg cycle, you will have less worry and greater control over the treatment process by removing the risk of cancellation due to any donor-specific delays.

To view a comparison chart between Fresh VS. Frozen egg donor fees, click here.

Treatment Comparison Chart

Fresh Frozen
Cycle Preparation Synchronization Required Synchronization Not Required
Cost Expensive due to the cost of individual synchronization Less expensive due to lack of individual synchronization
Donor pool Usually Small (Regional Pool) Much Larger (National Pool)
Cycle Start Physician chooses when cycles start in accordance with the donor and/or other recipients Patients choose when their cycles start in accordance to their own schedule
Cycle Cancellations Occurs in about 10% of cycles Occurs in less than 5% of cycles
Eggs Retrieved Patients may receive additional eggs for additional cost Patients will receive one lot of 5 to 8 mature eggs per cycle
Treatment Guarantee Most programs rarely give patients any type of guarantee Donor Egg Bank USA's Treatment Guarantee
Refund Guarantee Sometimes Available 100% Assured Refund Plan