Our Donor Egg Bank Program

Donor Egg Bank USA, by Generate Life Sciences, is a pioneer in the field of donor egg banking and is the first company to ship vitrified eggs successfully from fertility practice to fertility practice.  We are founded by the premier and largest frozen egg donation programs in the United States. Developed through a collaboration of Reproductive Science Centers, Donor Egg Bank USA was created to fulfill the desire of physicians and patients who want to gain access to a diverse database of egg donors with the added convenience of a quicker treatment process. 

"Through our national collaboration, our egg bank offers those interested in frozen donor egg treatment the opportunity to achieve their dream of having a baby."

For many individuals, using frozen eggs from an egg donor is a positive and effective means to moving down the path to parenthood. Quality is our hallmark and we invest significant resources to ensure excellent quality from this human endeavor. The Donor Egg Bank USA's frozen egg donation program offers you an immediate cycle start with similar success rates compared to most traditional (fresh) donor egg programs. With Donor Egg Bank USA, there is little to no wait time regarding the start of a donor egg treatment cycle.

Program Overview:

Donor Egg Bank USA's network of Partnering Programs offers you a complete package of frozen donor egg treatment, so you know the entire cost of treatment before getting started.

Our bundled financial plans include:

  • One egg lot of 6 - 8 mature donor eggs on average from an egg donor who has had extensive medical, psychological and genetic screening and has completed her stimulation cycle at one of the network programs. All eggs have already been retrieved and cryo-preserved for future use.
  • Ultrasounds and blood work you may need during your frozen donor egg treatment cycle.
  • Egg thawing, insemination using Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) and assisted hatching.
  • Transfer of the embryos into the female uterus.

Ask us about our Assured Refund Plan™ which gives you the financial security of bringing home a baby or receiving a 100% financial refund.

Frozen Donor Egg Program

Benefits of a Frozen Cycle


You’re in control. You cycle when it best fits into your schedule at one of our participating practices.You can take a look at our Egg Donors from the comfort of your home or office, or at any Internet-enabled computer.


Frozen donor eggs are affordable because we essentially share the eggs produced by one donor between several recipients guaranteeing each recipient an average of 6 - 8 mature eggs.

Immediate Cycle Start

The time it takes from the start of a cycle to the finish is significantly shorter because we eliminate the need to wait for the completion of the donor’s prescreening as well as the wait for the donor’s cycle to be synchronized to your own. The donor’s frozen eggs are ready when you are; and there is never a wait to match with an egg donor in our database.

Fewer Cancelled Cycles

We remove the risk of an egg donor canceling her cycle because of a life event or a poor ovarian response. Her eggs are cryo-preserved and waiting for your selection.


Using our advanced freezing technology, your likelihood of delivering a baby using frozen egg donation is nearly the same as a traditional fresh cycle. See our statistics for more information.

Biological Siblings

If available, you may choose to reserve eggs from the same donor for future biological siblings. Please contact us for more information.