Five (5) Helpful Tips for Selecting an Egg Donor

September 6th, 2018

Donor egg IVF is the silver lining for so many women who have been clouded by infertility in their late 30s and beyond.  We know that a woman’s fertility begins to decline around age 34, and as a woman ages, different issues within the chromosomes develop over time, and she is less likely to conceive naturally and more likely to have a loss.

Choosing donor egg IVF can bring you one step closer to becoming the mother you’ve always dreamed to be.  Once you tackle the common fears that come with this process, you finally muster up the courage to get started by visiting to view the donor database.

"But where do I begin?!  The thought of perusing over 300 donor profiles is a bit overwhelming."  

Donor Egg Bank USA's database offers an in-depth look at each donor's personal health, family and medical history, genetics, education, drug screening and beyond.  With so much information, how do you narrow down your choices while looking for the "right" things?  Here are five (5) helpful tips to help you select your ideal donor:

Take your time.

You may not see someone you like immediately, so we recommend you take your time to thoroughly review the profiles.  When you spend more time with the donor’s information, you’ll be able to form a connection with her and make a more well-informed decision.

Be willing to compromise.   

Expect to match with the most important issues.  It’s ok to have a few non-negotiable traits in mind, but try to keep an open mind when visiting the donor’s profiles.  You don’t want to limit your choices before you even start the process!

Look for intellectual potential.

Keep in mind, many donors donated in their early 20s while they were still pursuing their academic and professional goals.  Make sure you read through the essay and skills section and don’t just focus on their education level.

You don’t need to match blood types.

Matching blood types is not medically necessary and does not impact donor egg IVF success rates.  Be sure to speak with your doctor about any specific health conditions your donor may have and how that could affect you.

Everyone has imperfections.

Bear in mind that no one is perfect, including you!  Keep an open mind about the donors you see, and be patient with yourself as go through this process.   As long as you remember that, the journey to finding your ideal donor match will be easier than you think!

Ready to view the donor database for yourself?  Our team here at Donor Egg Bank USA is here to help!  Call us at (240) 778-6210 to enroll and gain full access to hundreds of donor profiles.  Don’t worry – enrollment is completely FREE, so don’t wait another day to grow the family of your dreams!

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