Mastery and Excellence: How Do Clinics Receive Our Seal of Quality Assurance?

October 1st, 2020

When it comes to managing and treating infertility, there’s no room for mediocre solutions.

This is precisely why Donor Egg Bank USA is committed to providing oocytes of the highest standard to anyone who wants to use egg donation to start their family. We believe everyone has the right to quality fertility treatments; therefore, we work with the most reputable and knowledgeable fertility specialists in the industry.

Since our founding in 2012, we’ve had over 54,000 eggs thawed around the globe through fertility practices with whom we work. We’re proud to work with many of the fertility industry’s most highly accomplished specialists, where many of our practitioners have achieved unparalleled results in oocyte cryopreservation and warming.

For these clinics, our team is proud to present our esteemed Seal of Quality Assurance.

What is the Donor Egg Bank USA Seal of Quality Assurance?

When reviewing and assessing clinical performance, egg survival is only the first step.  The real goal is to have embryos with high implantation potential which will yield high pregnancy success rates.

To earn the Donor Egg Bank USA Seal of Quality Assurance, medical providers must also demonstrate high and consistent results, producing blastocysts and clinical pregnancies.

Most laboratory professionals can follow a series of steps to ensure a successful egg thaw. For results that go above and beyond, however, it’s about more than following a protocol. It’s about using intuition along with other critical factors and conditions to make insightful decisions that will yield high-quality results.

Who Qualifies for the Seal of Quality Assurance?

Successful embryo development and implantation rely on more than high-quality eggs. Achieving the highest levels of egg and embryo quality with frozen donor eggs often requires a superior level of expertise.

Frozen oocytes are extremely sensitive. Without the right attention to detail and systems in place, many of them will not realize their potential. For this reason, we work collaboratively with clinics and share with them our vast experience with cryopreserved oocytes to collectively serve our mutual patients.  We share the common goals of exceptional outcomes.

We pride ourselves on working with the best clinics in the industry, and several practitioners have truly mastered the vitrification and thawing processes.

These extraordinary providers receive our Seal of Quality Assurance. Like anything, practice makes perfect, so we look forward to adding new providers to our esteemed list each year.

The initial factor in determining which clinics are eligible for the award is their clinical pregnancy rate, which is a standard of 50% or greater per transfer.

We also look beyond the clinical pregnancy rate at their blastocyst per fertilized egg rate, in which our target is 50% or higher. We look at this second indicator because lower clinical pregnancy rates can occur based on patient-specific issues beyond embryo control such as endometrial causes, rather than the quality of the eggs and embryos.

Understanding the Donor Egg Vitrification and Thawing Processes

It's crucial to understand what's involved in each of these processes to appreciate the sensitivity of donor eggs and the skills required to freeze and thaw them successfully.

While embryo cryopreservation was successfully implemented in the eighties the more challenging cryopreservation of Oocytes has only been clinically available since 2012.  The oocyte represents a specific set of conditions based on the single cell size and complexity that were not easy to overcome in a frozen environment.  

Donor Egg Bank USA stands at the forefront of oocyte cryopreservation.  We utilize the newest technologies and continue to evolve to remain up to date and best serve our clients. 

When you work with Donor Egg Bank USA, you can feel confident that all of our partners have been thoroughly trained in oocyte cryopreservation technology and proper thawing techniques to ensure the best pregnancy results possible.

In fact, the country's top fertility practices have achieved an impressive 77% or better clinical pregnancy rates per transfer when using frozen eggs from Donor Egg Bank USA.

Should You Be Concerned if Your Clinic Hasn’t Received our Seal of Quality Assurance?

One of the great benefits of working with Donor Egg Bank USA is we choose only the most reputable clinics with whom to partner. Even if your chosen fertility specialists haven’t earned our Seal of Quality Assurance, you can feel confident they’ve received our top-notch training and are highly equipped to handle your oocyte cryopreservation and warming needs.

Clinics can be recognized with a Seal of Quality Assurance in oocyte cryopreservation, oocyte warming, or both.  It is important to note that the data we are using to substantiate these results are collected from eggs warmed with our program.  A limitation of our process may adversely exclude quality programs that are small in size or may not have sufficient demand for frozen donor egg services.  We encourage all patients to ask their physicians for clinic specific experiences and data.

Our Partner Clinics Are Ready to Help You During Your Conception Journey

The challenges during an infertility journey can often feel insurmountable. Whether it’s mental strain, financial difficulties, or physical side effects, intended parents deserve the best help and options available, as quickly as possible.

If your quest for a baby has led you down the path of egg donation, why settle for a clinic who may not be accessing top-quality eggs?   Contact our team today to learn more about what this award means and how it can benefit you and your family.

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