Choosing a DEB USA Financial Plan (and How We Can Help)

May 20th, 2020

While the hard truth is that fertility treatment is not free, Donor Egg Bank USA works diligently to provide the most affordable options possible for hopeful parents.

With more than 8,000 egg lots shipped — and industry-leading frozen donor egg success rates — we’re committed to going above and beyond to help our clients build the family of their dreams.

To help you better understand our various financial plans, we’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about donor egg treatment, the different financial plans available, and what the costs are.

Donor Egg Bank USA works with more than 200 fertility clinics in the US, Canada, and around the world to help individuals achieve their dreams of becoming parents. If we don’t currently work with your clinic, establishing a relationship with them can be done quickly. Our goal is to provide anyone who needs donor egg treatment with affordable and dependable options for building a family.

The financial plans we offer vary by clinic, price, and what’s included in each plan. 

Our Egg Lot Only Plan

What Does the Egg Lot Only Plan Include?

The Egg Lot Only Plan includes a group of 5-8 mature eggs that is shipped directly to your clinic. It also includes the packaging, shipping, and handling of your selected egg lot. As the nation's premier egg bank, we offer a blastocyst guarantee with each of our egg lots because we are confident in the quality of the donor eggs we provide. The Blastocyst Guarantee ensures that at least one or more blastocyst(s) will be available for transfer, freeze, or biopsy. 

How Much Does the Egg Lot Only Plan Cost?

When you purchase the Egg Lot Only Plan, you can expect to pay $14,500 to cover the cost of the eggs and an additional $500 for the packing, shipping, and handling needed to send them to your fertility clinic.

We also offer other financial plans that provide both all-inclusive and multi-cycle attempts. Approximately 1/3 of the clinics we work with offer our Single Cycle and Assured Refund Plans. 

Our Assured Refund Plan

What Does the Assured Refund Plan Include?

Our Assured Refund Plan offers a live birth guarantee and complete peace of mind. Once the fee is paid, there are no surprise fees along the way, and you can focus on treatment knowing that you are financially secure. The Assured Refund Plan includes up to six frozen donor egg bank treatment cycles, including unlimited frozen embryo transfers. You are guaranteed a complete refund if you are not successful.

Please note that our clinical team reviews each cycle within this plan. Not every individual or couple will receive or need all six cycles of treatment. 96% of individuals who elect this plan will qualify, and 92% will bring home a baby.

This all-inclusive financial plan covers everything from donor medications to packing, shipping, and handling. Our Assured Refund Plan also includes newborn stem cell banking with our sister company Cord Blood Registry (CBR). If you’d like to review a comprehensive list of what’s covered, it can be found here.

How Much Does an Assured Refund Plan Cost?

We pay your fertility practice for services rendered after you’ve had a transfer. Since fertility practice service costs may vary, please contact us for more information on the cost of the Plan at your chosen fertility practice.

For more information on the pricing of this plan, please contact us.

Our Single Cycle Plan

What Does the Single Cycle Plan Include?

Our Single Cycle Plan includes everything needed for a single frozen donor egg cycle. In addition to the 5-8 mature eggs that are shipped directly to the clinic, the recipient also receives physician and laboratory services needed for their cycle. With this all-inclusive plan, egg lot costs and physician services are reduced, making the bundled package a more affordable option.

With the Single Cycle Plan, you’ll receive our blastocyst guarantee as well as a guarantee for your physician and lab services (e.g., the cost associated with the egg thawing, fertilization, recipient monitoring (uterine lining check), and embryo transfer). Our Single Cycle Plan also includes newborn stem cell banking with our sister company Cord Blood Registry (CBR). If you’d like to review a comprehensive list of what’s covered, it can be found here.

How Much Does a Single Cycle Plan Cost?

While you’ll receive discounted rates with our Single Cycle Plan, the overall cost depends on your chosen fertility practice. We discount the cost of the egg lot in direct proportion to your physician discount, which makes donor egg treatment more affordable. 

For more information on the pricing of this plan, please contact us.

Assured Refund vs. Single Cycle:  Which is Best for You?

Choosing the right financial plan for your family is a very personal decision. The information below can help you better understand the differences between the Assured Refund Plan and the Single Cycle Plan.

  • The Assured Refund Plan offers multiple egg lots and multiple treatment cycles for a flat fee, providing the opportunity to have more than one transfer until you achieve a live birth.
  • The Single Cycle Plan offers the egg lot and treatment fees for one cycle, with no restrictions on family balancing.
  • The Single Cycle Plan is available to all clients; you do not have to medically qualify to participate in this plan.
  • The Assured Refund Plan includes cryopreservation and storage for excess embryos as well as unlimited frozen embryo transfers. 
  • The Single Cycle Plan includes services based on one cycle. For cryopreservation and storage of excess embryos, please check the costs with your fertility practice. 
  • The Assured Refund Plan offers a 100% refund if you do not have a baby to bring home and love.
  • The Single Cycle Plan can be paired with an Egg Lot Only Plan to increase the number of eggs available for your one-cycle try.

When determining which plan is best for you, it is also important to consider that with a clinical pregnancy rate of 61% and a live birth rate hovering between 45% and 50%, it is likely that you will need more than one cycle to achieve a live birth. In the Assured Refund Plan, if a baby is delivered following the first cycle, you’ll have paid approximately twice the amount that a Single Cycle Plan would have cost. 

However, count your lucky stars that you didn’t have to live through a miscarriage or multiple negative pregnancy tests. Achieving success in that first cycle, albeit not getting your money’s worth from Assured Refund, will save you a lot of heart ache and time, but most importantly it will allow you to focus on enjoying the family you have always dreamed of even sooner.

Other General Questions

Does DEB USA Offer Plan Guarantees?

Yes! When you choose one of our three financial plans, you receive a blastocyst guarantee. The Blastocyst Guarantee ensures that at least one or more blastocyst(s) will be available for transfer, freeze, or biopsy. The Single Cycle Plan guarantees the physician services in addition to our blastocyst guarantee. And finally, with the purchase of our Assured Refund Plan, you’ll receive the added assurance of a bringing your baby home or you’ll get your money back.

How Do DEB USA's Fees Compare to a Fresh Donor Egg Cycle?

Compared to our frozen donor egg lot cost of $14,500, fresh donor egg cycles cost an average of $22,500. It’s important to remember our frozen donor egg lots feature all-inclusive pricing. A fresh donor egg cycle is significantly more expensive and doesn’t encompass the same amount of treatment expenses in just one price. If you’d like to view a comparison chart, please click here.

Does DEB USA Accept Insurance Coverage?

While Donor Egg Bank USA doesn’t participate with insurance plans, we work hard to provide cost-effective donor egg options. Our frozen donor eggs can typically save you more money than if you’d pursued treatment with your benefits. Nonetheless, we recommend you consult with your practice to maximize use of your health coverage to cover items such as diagnostic work, physician visits, and pregnancy tests.

Affording Frozen Donor Egg Treatment with DEB USA

At Donor Egg Bank USA, we believe every individual or couple has the right to build the family of their dreams. We understand the economic weight of infertility treatments. That’s why we’re committed to offering our clients a variety of plans to meet their individual needs.

If you still have questions about what these plans include, or if you need any other assistance, please give our knowledgeable team a call today at 240-778-6210 or send us a message using the contact form.

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