Donor Eggs: Opening More Doors to Parenthood for Same-Sex Couples

June 1st, 2017
Same-Sex Couple Pregnant

Not all couples wind up considering donor egg IVF because of a history of infertility or miscarriage. Gay and lesbian couples understand from the get-go that their path to parenthood may not be “traditional,” but while the journey looks different, the desire to parent is the same.

There are many options available to same-sex couples who are ready to embark on their family building journey, including donor eggs. The cost of using donor eggs can be a hard pill to swallow, but since it allows for male partners to contribute their genetics to the child, or female partners to experience the joy of pregnancy, it is becoming more popular. The cost of donor eggs from Donor Egg Bank makes the process easier, since using frozen eggs halves the price tag without halving your chance at success.  


Gay (male) couples who want to have a baby are able to use an egg donor and gestational carrier to make their dreams come true. By using donor egg IVF, the couple can still have a genetic link to their child by using one partner’s own sperm. It is even possible for both partners to contribute a sample that will be mixed together before fertilizing the donor eggs, so both partners have an equal shot at being the biological parent to the resulting baby.

It is possible to choose a surrogate who also provides her eggs for fertilization, but they do not have to be the same person. Whether the eggs come from the gestational surrogate herself or from a separate egg donor the IVF process looks the same. The egg donor will undergo ovarian stimulation and have her eggs harvested by an experienced embryologist. The eggs will then be fertilized with the couple’s own sperm and transferred into the surrogate’s uterus.

There are legal considerations when using a surrogate and so it is advised that you speak to a trained lawyer who is familiar with surrogacy law in your area.


Any woman can have egg-related fertility issues, whether due to age or other reasons, so a lesbian couple may also need donor egg. There is also the option to have one parent provide the egg for a baby that will be carried by her significant other. This is called Ovum Sharing or Partner Assisted Reproduction, and it allows both of the partners to have contribute to creating a child, one through genetics and the other through the process of carrying and birthing the baby!


Now that you have an idea of how to go about building your family, there is still one more variable to consider: do you want to use fresh or frozen eggs?

Frozen eggs tend to be the less expensive option, and they are also more convenient for both the donor and the intended parents as there is no need to coordinate the timing of egg retrieval with the timing your IVF transfer. In a traditional cycle, the egg donor and the egg recipient both need to sync their menstrual cycles, which can take a lot of additional time, especially if a cycle gets delayed due to an unexpected life event. When using frozen eggs, the egg retrieval and the egg thaw can happen at the convenience of each party.


With the wealth of technology available today, it is now possible for all couples to build the family that they dream of! There are things that must be taken into consideration no matter which path you choose, but donor egg IVF is a wonderful option.

A good donor egg bank will have people on their teams to help you through the process easily and with excitement that this time in your life calls for- you’re going to be parents! This is family building the modern way. May your egg donor be plentiful, may your surrogate be fruitful, and may your family flourish! 

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